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N5973A IFT Automation for Verizon Wireless Compliance Test Plan


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Verify the real-world performance of LTE user equipment

Developers and operators are increasing their focus on testing the real-world performance of UE before deploying them on live networks. While conformance test is necessary, it is not sufficient to determine the user experience during different handover and user scenarios.

Testing handover between different radio access technologies (RAT) is becoming increasingly important in the verification of LTE user equipment (UE). When out of the LTE service area the UE typically reverts to the network’s 2G or 3G infrastructure. For a positive end-user experience, UE needs to transition smoothly between these technologies. Delivering voice services on all-IP networks such as LTE presents a real challenge to developers and providers. Ensuring actual customer experience meets or exceeds the service users have come to expect on circuit-switched systems is critical.

The Keysight N5973A IFT automation for Verizon Wireless test plans runs in Keysight’s N5972A interactive functional test (IFT) software environment, allowing you to focus on testing InterRAT handover, InterRAT SVD and IMS-VoIP without having to create complex code or program test equipment. Developed specifically for engineers engaged in design verification of LTE UEs for use on Verizon Wireless networks, this solution supplements your testing expertise with Keysight experience and measurement knowledge, providing automated test scripts based on the Verizon Wireless test plans. Used in conjunction with Keysight PXT and 8960 wireless communications test sets, the solution brings real-world network test scenarios into the lab environment. You can run tests unattended and progress rapidly to deployment, providing reliable, repeatable measurements and automatically generating compliance reports to a Verizon Wireless accepted format.

This solution is available to Verizon Wireless-approved companies. Contact your sales representative for further information.

Efficiently test and report to the Verizon Compliance Test Plans 

  • Verizon Wireless-listed test solution
  • LTE-CDMA InterRAT, LTE-CDMA InterRAT simultaneous voice and data (SVD), Voice-over-IP (VoIP) audio quality and IMS-VoIP (VoLTE Functional) test coverage with ready-to-use test plans and reporting
  • Repeatable test execution and reporting
  • Includes IMS-SIP server and client, supporting both IPv4 and IPv6
  • Supports Keysight’s established 8960 and PXT test sets


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