N7300A Chipset Software for Beceem


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Описание - N7300A

Designed for use with Keysight EXT Wireless Communications Test Set, Keysight N9020A MXA Signal Analyzer (or N9010A EXA Signal Analyzer) in conjunction with Keysight N5182A/62A MXG RF Vector Signal Generator, the N7300A Chipset Software provides control, calibration and test of Beceem WiMAX™ devices and modules.

"WiMAX" is a trademark of the WiMAX Forum.

  • N7300A-1 Chipset software for Beceem BCS200, BCSM250 & BCS5200
  • N7300A-2 Chipset software for Beceem BCSM350, BCSM352 & BCS5350
  • License options fit your needs: FP- fixed perpetual license, F3- fixed 3 month license , TP-transportable, perpetual license
  • For download links on N7300 series software click here.


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