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Описание - E1999A

Enhanced Fast Device Tune (E1999A-202)

Fast Device Tune software is a companion application for Keysight’s 8960 (E5515C/E) W-CDMA, cdma2000®, 1xEV-DO and GSM/GPRS/EGPRS test applications designed to reduce manufacturing test times for wireless devices by minimizing calibration time -- without compromising quality or measurement accuracy.

  • Reduces W-CDMA, cdma2000, or 1xEV-DO device calibration times by as much as 10x compared with "traditional" calibration methods
  • Significantly reduces GSM/GPRS/EGPRS calibration times
  • Supports the leading chipsets/approved by leading chipset manufacturers

Reduce manufacturing costs by reducing manufacturing test time.

Single Channel GPS Source (E1999A-206)

With the capability of simulating GPS C/A signal carried by L1, the GPS receiver C/No can be verified by Keysight’s 8960.

  • Test cellular and GPS with 8960 on one test bench
  • Simplified test procedure and test station

PESQ Measurement (E1999A-301)

PESQ (Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality) measurement provides an objective method for prediction of vocoder speech quality using the industry standard PESQ algorithm.

  • Test vocoder speech quality with the 8960’s built-in PESQ measurement without the need of an additional audio analyzer instrument
  • Simplified test procedure and test station

NOTE: E1999A-301 is required to enable PESQ measurement in both the test applications (including E1962B, E1963A, and E1968A) and the lab applications (including E6701, E6702, and E6703).

2-box Voice Handover (E1999A-501)

This feature option enables the 2-box voice handover capabilities in the E1968A and E1963A test applications:

  • W-CDMA CS voice to GSM CS voice handover (one 8960 uses E1963A and one uses E1968A)
  • GSM CS voice to W-CDMA CS voice handover (one 8960 uses E1963A and one uses E1968A)
  • GSM CS voice to GSM CS voice handover (both 8960s use E1968A)

NOTE: The E1999A-501 feature option must be installed on each 8960 to perform the 2-box voice handovers.

cdma2000 is a registered certification mark of the Telecommunications Industry Association. Used under license.

Common E5515 platform features that extended 8960 capability

  • One feature applies to several test applications
  • Ease of upgrade and maintenance


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