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N5978A IFT Automation for TD-LTE IOT Test Plan


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Описание - N5978A

Accelerate verification of TD-LTE UE performance

Network operators are motivated to ensure that the performance of UE on their network results in a positive end-user experience. While signaling conformance test addresses certain aspects of functionality, operators typically want to conduct more representative performance by testing under different network conditions. Examples include verifying the mobility, data throughput performance, and power consumption of the UE. These real-world use scenarios supplement traditional conformance test and are commonly formalized into operator-specific test plans, requiring UE be subjected to demanding compliance testing before being approved for use on an operator’s network.

The new Keysight N5978A automation scripts add the TD-LTE IOT test plan functionality to Keysight’s interactive functional test (IFT) software. Used in conjunction with Keysight 8960 and PXT wireless communications test sets, Keysight DC power sources, and PXB baseband fader, the solution brings real-world network test scenarios into the lab environment.

Efficiently test cellular user equipment (UE) and report against the TD-LTE IOT test plan

  • Ready-to-use test plans, repeatable test execution, and reporting
  • Supports Keysight’s established 8960 Series 10 (E5515C/E) and PXT wireless communications test sets
  • Builds on Keysight IFT software and is expandable to other test plans


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