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E1969A TD-SCDMA GSM Fast Switch Test Application


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Описание - E1969A

The Keysight E1969A TD-SCDMA GSM fast switch test application for the 8960 Series 10 (E5515C/E) wireless communications test set provides critical capabilities for verifying the performance of your TD-SCDMA/TD-HSDPA/TD-HSUPA mobile devices with both signaling and non-signaling modes.

The GSM/GPRS/EGPRS test application is bundled together with TD-SCDMA options in E1969A to meet the test requirements for dual-mode wireless devices. With the fast switch function built into the E1969A, you have the flexibility to easily switch wireless formats between TD-SCDMA and GSM/GPRS/EGPRS.

With additional feature options, E1969A also provides network emulation and mobile device design, as well as integration and validation test tools designed specifically for the needs of wireless developers. It also offers the inter-RAT scenarios, highest sustained packet-switched data rates, 3GPP standards-compliant RF measurements, and real-time protocol logging. The single-channel GPS source, simulating one satellite signal, and FM broadcast signal source are additional capabilities available with E1969A to speed GPS and FM receiver calibration.

Note: Look for the November pre-release of E1969A software containing real time encoding/decoding test capability.

Comprehensive call processing and RF parametric test capability 

  • Frequency support for Bands 34, 39, 40, and 41
  • Fast, accurate, and standard-compliant TD-SCDMA/TD-HSDPA/TD-HSUPA Tx/Rx measurements in compliance with 3GPP TS34.122
  • TD-SCDMA to GSM system handover
  • Real time audio encoding/decoding (New!)

Extensive functional test capability

  • TD-SCDMA–LTE inter-RAT handovers when coupled with the Keysight E6621A PXT wireless communications test set for LTE
  • Packet-switched data (2.2 Mbps TD-HSUPA / 2.8 Mbps TD-HSDPA / 384 k TD-SCDMA)
  • Real-time protocol logging
  • Short message service (SMS) test

Well-tailored for manufacturing need

  • Fast switch between TD-SCDMA and GSM/GPRS/EGPRS
  • Faster calibration capability with the Fast Device Tune application and support of simultaneous transmitter and receiver calibration

Additional capabilities

  • CW and FM signal sources
  • Single-channel GPS source


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