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E1968A GSM/GPRS/EGPRS Mobile Test Application


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Описание - E1968A

Industry leading GSM/GPRS/EGPRS one-box network emulator for mobile data analysis, and RF and functional test

The E1968A GSM/GPRS/EGPRS mobile test application for the 8960 Series 10 (E5515C/E) wireless communications test set provides critical capabilities to verify the performance of your GSM, GPRS, and EGPRS mobile devices with both signaling and non-signaling modes. Evolved EDGE (E-EDGE) is supported now as a feature option. This test application, designed for high-volume manufacturing and wireless device development, helps you achieve your time-to-market goals for GSM, GPRS, and EGPRS wireless devices. Special calibration features reduce phone calibration time significantly. Enhanced audio measurement, complete SMS test functionality, and 8PSK random frequency offset enable effective phone development and design. Additional capabilities are available to speed GPS and FM receiver calibration. Perform handover tests between GSM and W-CDMA or TD-SCDMA using the fast switching application (E1987A) or the TD-SCDMA (E1969A). Use the feature option license E1968A-104 to perform E-EDGE phone connection and relevant measurements such as reduced transmission time interval (RTTI), and downlink dual carrier (DLDC). DLDC allows you to assign EGPRS PDTCH resources to a mobile on two different carriers and RTTI configuration allows you to reduce the data transfer latency of an EGPRS PDTCH block.

Because this GSM/GPRS/EPGRS test solution is based on the high-performance E5515C/E test set, you gain the additional benefits of extremely fast measurement speed, ease of programming, accuracy, reliability, and worldwide service and support.

Special and fast calibration features

  • Faster calibration capability with the Fast Device Tune application / Support of simultaneous transmitter and receiver calibration
  • Phase and amplitude versus time measurement
  • IQ capture, for phone Tx linear calibration
  • EGPRS AM-PM alignment

Comprehensive call processing and RF parametric test capability

  • VAMOS solution for VAMOS type I- and type II-capable phone test (NEW)
  • Multi-slot Class 12 and Class 45 signaling and measurements
  • Dynamic power measurement and discontinuous time slot TXP measurement
  • Test mode BER and MS-calculated BER

Enable effective device development and design

  • Evolved EDGE signaling and measurements, including EGPRS2-A uplink 16QAM measurement
  • Enhanced audio measurement with RT codec and DAI. RT codec calibration is available now for phone acoustic test
  • Free text-format SMS and licensed advanced SMS application
  • 8PSK random frequency offset

Additional capabilities

  • CS voice handovers between GSM and W-CDMA on two test sets, one with E1963A and one with E1968A. (Requires E1999A-501 be installed on each test set)
  • FM radio measurement and single channel GPS source for GPS phone test
  • PESQ measurement provides an objective MOS score for vocoder voice quality using the industry-standard PESQ algorithm without having to use an external audio analyzer


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