N4975A PRBS Generator 56 Gb/s


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The Keysight Technologies N4975A PRBS generator 56 Gb/s is a fully self-contained 56 Gb/s pattern generator. The N4975A is designed to provide an excellent quality “eye” through comprehensive integration of key building blocks into monolithic integrated circuits founded on SiGe technology. The typical eye has 400 fs rms jitter, 400 mV of output swing, and <9 ps rise time.


  • CEI 56G-VSR advanced research
  • Characterizing 56G, 40G, and 25G optical transceivers and components
  • General high speed serial link characterization

  • Operates at 56 Gb/s or from 39.8 to 56 Gb/s with external clock source
  • Self-contained PRBS generator
  • Excellent eye quality, fast rise and fall time
  • Built-in quarter-rate clock source (14.0 GHz)
  • 1010, 1100, and 215-1 patterns
  • 400 to 800 mV, adjustable differential output
  • Quarter and half rate clock outputs
  • Pattern trigger output


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