N4974A PRBS Generator 44 Gb/s


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The Keysight Technologies N4974A PRBS generator 44 Gb/s source is a fully self-contained pattern generator operating over the 22 to 44 Gb/s data rate range. The product contains an internal 19.9 GHz oscillator to supply the half rate clock source for 40 Gb/s operation. Ordering options substitute the correct oscillator frequency for 28 or 25 Gb/s operation. The product allows the user to supply a half rate clock externally to operate at any data rate between 22 and 44 Gb/s.


  • Ultra-high speed communications components testing
  • Stimulus response measurements for 40 Gb/s components
  • Backplane signal integrity
  • Optical transceiver characterization

  • 22 to 44 Gb/s data rates
  • Internal oscillator for 40, 28, 25 Gb/s
  • Excellent eye quality—rise/fall time 8 ps
  • PRBS-7, PRBS-15, PRBS-31 patterns
  • 1000 mV differential output
  • Ultra low noise trigger for precision time base applications
  • Pattern trigger output


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