N4963A Clock Synthesizer 13.5 GHz


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The N4963A Clock Synthesizer 13.5 GHz generates six pairs of differential square-wave clock outputs from
500 MHz to 13.5 GHz. The instrument features GPIB-programmable output amplitude, DC offset, phase offset, sub-rate trigger, and jitter injection.


  • Extends the operation range of the N4962A Serial BERT
  • Add stressed eye testing to basic BERTs
  • General purpose lab clock source


  • 500 MHz to 13.5 GHz operation
  • Clock generation and distribution in one instrument
  • Jitter injection capability from 1 Hz to 100 MHz with adjustable amplitude
  • Six pairs of differential outputs, 3 pairs (6 single-ended) jittered and 3 pairs (6 single-ended) unjittered
  • One pair of differential outputs offer independent delay adjustment relative to other outputs
  • 600 to 2000 mV amplitude range
  • Remote control through GPIB


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