N4962A Serial BERT 12.5 Gb/s


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The Keysight N4962A is a cost-effective 10G BERT, consisting of an internal clock system, PRBS generator, and error detector. It is designed for automated production-line testing, manufacturing, and characterization. The N4962A instrument features highly integrated custom ASICs which lower part count and operating temperature, resulting in high reliability. The N4962A is also compact with a simple interface making it ideal for use on a production test bench.


  • 10G and lower rate optical transceiver production test
  • Communication component incoming inspection
  • General 10G device characterization


  • Internal clock synthesizer for 9.85 to 11.35 Gb/s operation
  • 0.5 to 12.5 Gb/s operation with external clock
  • Multiple clock and pattern triggers
  • Differential or single-ended inputs and outputs
  • Programmable output amplitude control
  • High integration (low parts counts + low heat = high reliability)
  • Selectable PRBS pattern length, mark-space density
  • Local push-button and GPIB remote interface


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