N4960A Serial BERT 32 and 17 Gb/s


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The N4960A is an affordable and compact Serial BERT available in 4-17 Gb/s and 5-32 Gb/s configurations. It is the perfect solution to test multiple channels from 25 to 32 Gb/s for 100 Gigabit Ethernet applications and other multi-channel high-data rate devices operating either synchronously or asynchronously. The N4960A Serial BERT consists of an N4960A clock/controller with N4951A or N4951B pattern generator and N4952A error detector remote-mountable heads. The pattern generator and error detector support PRBS or user patterns and operate up to 32 Gb/s in a single band with no gaps or missing data rates. The remote heads allow the test equipment to be located very close to the device under test, eliminating the need for long cables that degrade signal quality.


  • 25 Gb/s and 28 Gb/s for 100 Gigabit Ethernet (100G base)
  • InfiniBand EDR and FDR
  • High-speed SerDes testing
  • 16G and 32G Fibre Channel (16GFC)
  • Backplanes CEI


  • Available for 4 to 17 Gb/s or 5 to 32 Gb/s configurations
  • Full data rate Pattern Generation and Error Detection
  • Integrated clock source with jitter injection capability
  • PRBS and user definable pattern, common telecom/datacom test patterns
  • Remote heads place the signal very close to DUT
  • Remote control through USB or GPIB


  • N4951A Pattern Generator Remote Head 32 and 17 Gb/s
  • N4951B Pattern Generator Remote Head 32 and 17 Gb/s
  • N4952A Error Detector Remote Head 32 and 17 Gb/s


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