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The N4906B Serial BERT is a general-purpose bit error ratio tester designed for testing high-speed digital communication components and systems. It is ideal for cost-effective manufacturing and telecom device testing.

The N4906B is offered in a 3.6 Gb/s (option 003) and a 12.5 Gb/s (option 012) version. Both consist of a pattern generator and error detector with excellent price/performance ratio.

The 12.5 Gb/s error detector can be configured with CDR (option 102) to test clock less interfaces and with true differential inputs (option 101) to test LVDS and other differential interfaces. The 3.6 Gb/s analyzer is equipped with true differential inputs.

An enhanced measurement suite (opt. 101) provides powerful signal analysis capabilities such as BERT Scan with total jitter and RJ/DJ separation, Fast Total Jitter, Spectral Decomposition, Eye Contour, error location capture and output level measurements.

The compact size of the N4906B saves rack space. LAN, USB and GPIB interfaces allow smooth integration into automated test environments.

For bench users the N4906B Serial BERT offers an intuitive user interface with state-of-the-art Windows-XP based color touch-screen.

  • 3.6 Gb/s or 12.5 Gb/s pattern generator and error detector
  • Fast Eye Mask Measurement for pass/fail testing (option 101)
  • Enhanced measurement suite (option 101)
  • Excellent precision and sensitivity for accurate measurements
  • Fast bit synchronization on bursted pattern
  • Intuitive user interface, state-of-the-art Windows XP color touch screen
  • Small form factor to save bench and rack space
  • Compatibility with existing remote commands, e.g. Keysight 71612, 86130A series and N4900 series


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