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E6720A Lab Application Annual Contract for 8960


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Описание - E6720A

With rapidly evolving standards and the continuing stream of new product features, the E6720A lab application annual contract offers an edge for getting reliable products to market quickly. By ordering an annual contract, you get all of the new releases coming out in the next year for Keysight's powerful lab applications. The E6720A optimizes your ability to quickly isolate and resolve product faults and incompatibility issues, and prevent manufacturing delays.

Technology Annual Contract Number
cdma2000® E6720A-002
W-CDMA/HSPA E6720A-003
1xEV-DO E6720A-006
UMTS * E6720A-017

* E6720A-017 combines 001 and 003

Note 1: To purchase the E6720A annual contract, you must have the most current lab application product(s).
Note 2: A hardware upgrade may be required to run some applications or enable new features.

Annual Contract Resources
What How Used
E6720A Annual Contract Quick Reference Guide This guide steps you through the process of redeeming or extending your annual contract and retrieving your software upgrades.
8960 Lab Application Annual Contract Subscription Release Downloads Download the latest lab application subscription releases (for current annual contract owners only).


  • Provides all of the lab application releases during the term of the contract for no additional charge (including upgrades to a new product number)
  • Provides early access to subscription releases. These pre-release versions are only available with the annual contract
  • Provides a permanent license for the next product revision of the lab application (e.g. E6703I and an annual contract entitles you to a permanent license for the E6703J). Because the license is permanent, you get all future releases for that product (e.g. E6703J) even after your annual contract expires
  • Individualized notification when a new release is available for your lab application


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