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10469A 5 Volt PECL Data Pod -- uses the 10498A Lead Set


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Each Keysight 16720A pattern generator module needs one clock pod and up to four data pods. Each data pod provides eight output channels. Order 1 to 4 sets where a set is (1) of these 8-Channel data pods + (1) 10498A lead set.

See product literature, "Keysight 1670G Series Benchtop Logic Analyzers."


  • Output Type: 100EL90 (5 V) with 348 ­ pulldown to ground and 42 ­ in series
  • Maximum clock: 300 MHz
  • Skewnote 1: typical <500 ps; worst case = 1 ns
  • Recommended lead set: Keysight 10498A
  • Note 1: Typical skew measurements made at pod connector with approximately 10 pF/50 k­ load to GND; worst case skew numbers are a calculation of worst case conditions through circuits.

Data Pod Configuration

  • Logic level support: 5 V PECL
  • Recommended lead set: Keysight 10498A
  • Order at least one data pod for every 8 output channels
  • Design in a dedicated header for pod connection or order one 8-channel lead set for each pod


  • Maximum clock: 300 MHz
  • Skew: Typical less than 500 ps; worst case = 1 ns
  • Output type: 100EL90 (5 V) with 348 ohm pulldown to ground and 42 ohm in series


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