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E6965A Location Server Emulator for SUPL A-GPS Device Testing


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Описание - E6965A

Secure User Plane for Location (SUPL) is a technology which that uses existing infrastructure and standards to transfer location services (LCS) data over a user plane bearer, such as Internet Protocol (IP). A centralized SUPL Location Platform (SLP) connects to the system, enabling cellular networks and mobile devices to offer Assisted GPS (A-GPS) capability. Detailed specifications exist today which enable the use of SUPL in GSM, UMTS, CDMA, LTE, UMB, and WiMAX™ networks.

The Keysight E6965A location server emulator is the first commercial bench-top solution supporting SUPL functional test using over-the-air connection to a SUPL-enabled terminal (SET). It provides the elements of the SLP that are needed to test such devices, and may be combined with other Keysight test equipment to form a system that provides satellite simulation, cellular base-station emulation, and the messaging required for SUPL testing.

E6965A navigation pane

Figure 1. The E6965A navigation pane provides simple hierarchical access the location server configuration and reporting panels.

The location server emulator is designed for use with the Keysight 8960 (E5515C/E5515E) series 10 wireless communications test set

If required, the Keysight ESG-C with E4438C-409 global positioning system personality can be used to provide GPS signal simulation

For additional A-GPS test solutions from Keysight Technologies, please visit www.Keysight.com/find/agps

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E6965A includes

  • SUPL location platform emulator including bootstrapping server function
  • LCS positioning server emulator
  • Automated RRC RRLP positioning message encoding/ decoding
  • Server logging tool (decrypted messages)

E6965A supports

  • SUPL v1.0 network-initiated and MS-initiated SUPL sessions over 2G GSM/GPRS/EGPRS & 3G W-CDMA / HSPA
  • MS-based / MS-assisted A-GPS and autonomous GPS positioning
  • Authentication using PSK-TLS, 3GPP GBA, TLS & certificate

User defines

  • Security modes and priorities
  • SET-assisted or SET-based scenario
  • A-GPS assistance data and values to be used


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