E6617A Multiport Adapter for EXT


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Increase manufacturing throughput with lower cost of test

The revolutionary E6617A Multiport Adapter (MPA) connects to EXT Wireless Communications Test Set to provide seamless extension of test plane to MPA front panel. The compact and cost-effective MPA adds simultaneous receiver testing, sequential transmitter testing and simultaneous GPS testing of up to eight single-antenna devices or four dual-antenna devices at a time which dramatically improves manufacturing throughput, reduces test equipment footprint and cost of test. 

Parallel device test

MPA extends EXT to eight fully calibrated RFIO interfaces and four GPS ports for parallel device testing. This configuration enables you to simultaneously verify your DUTs’ receivers and test your device’s GPS receiver without extra fixturing or device handling.

Plug-and-Play EXT connectivity

MPA and EXT are connected through a user friendly USB plug-and-play mechanism to offer trouble-free start-up and operation. EXT senses MPA connection and automatically modifies the user interface to enable the extra capabilities to be selected.

Metrology grade precision and balancing

EXT’s reliable hardware platform and industry proven measurement accuracy remain intact when you extend the EXT’s ports with MPA. Carefully designed and highly accurate active compensation via the MPA's onboard FPGA maintains measurement accuracy and required port-to-port balancing. EXT + MPA = trusted measurement results.

Low integration overhead

MPA is fully integrated into EXT’s sequence analyzer and other modes of operation. MPA connection to EXT allows you to select additional I/O ports (including parallel output ports) for your testing during sequenced operation. Previous coding done for EXT can be easily and quickly extended to incorporate MPA by adding port selection.


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