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One Product, Multi-Format Support

The Wireless Protocol Advisor software is included on CD-ROM with every lab application, and can also be downloaded from the web. As of revision A.07.00, a license is no longer required to run the Wireless Protocol Advisor. You can download Wireless Protocol Advisor for free and use it on any PC to view previously captured logs or to capture new logs using any 8960 with a licensed lab application. Visit the download page

Discover Its Power

  • Multi-format support for key wireless technologies: GSM, GPRS, EGPRS, cdma2000, 1xEV-DO and W-CDMA/HSPA
  • New Connection Trace feature tracks TCP/IP messaging and throughput
  • Connection trace data can be collected and exported to other PC applications for further analysis
  • Real time logging of Layer 1, 2 and 3 protocol
  • Post-capture analysis of protocol log files
  • Configurable trigger settings make it easy to sort through the huge volume of messaging to and from the mobile
  • Configurable views and logging options provide additional flexibility
  • Color tagging and graphical representations highlight areas of interest

Get multi-format support with a single, easy-to-use powerful analytic tool

  • Features of emerging mobile devices are increasing the complexity and software content. Only by testing these features in a realistic mobile environment can you ensure the quality of your wireless subscriber equipment. So what's the easiest way to expedite production without compromising quality?
  • Use the flexible and powerful E6584A Wireless Protocol Advisor software with your wireless communications test set and lab application. This product trio creates a complete Network in a Box -- Giving you a single box test solution for emulating real-life wireless applications. You'll be able to quickly collect and interpret wireless protocol messaging, verify functionality, and isolate and resolve protocol problems when developing new wireless products or applications. Take a look below at the features of this software.


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