M9188A Dynamic D/A Converter, 16-channels, 16-Bit, Unipolar, 30 V/20 mA


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The M9188A is a PXI based, 1-slot unipolar Dynamic DAC which has 16 channels capable of supplying typical waveforms at high voltages. It has 4 isolated banks with 4 channels in each bank.

The M9188A’s capability of outputting high voltages meets voltage test requirements of 0V to +30V, therefore, eliminating the need for design and development of additional signal conditioning circuits for applications that require voltages of up to +30V such as an engine electronic control unit.

With the ability to provide a dynamic current source signal of up to +20mA, the M9188A eliminates the need for an additional current transformer or source measure unit (SMU) for application tests that requires current source signals.

Another unique feature of the M9188A is that it is designed with output amplifiers that provides protection from short-circuits and over-temperatures. Every channel is designed with an output disconnect switch that is capable of providing isolation between the module and application.

With 1MB available memory per channel, the M9188A is able to simulate waveforms with a sampling period from 2µs to 512 µs. This effectively enables the M9188A to behave like a basic Arbitrary Waveform Generator (ARB) for waveforms of up to 500kSa/s update rate.

  • 16 simultaneous channels, single slot PXI card
  • Output Voltage: 0V to +30V or current 0mA to +20mA
  • 16-Bit resolution with update rate/channel of 500kSa/s
  • Memory Size: 1MB/channel


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