N5323A PCIe Jammer 2.5 GT/s & 5.0 GT/s Inline Error Injection Tool


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PCI Express and PCIe are registered trademarks of PCI-SIG.

The N5323A PCI Express jammer is an innovative inline error injection tool that helps ensure your devices meets the challenging interoperability environment. At the same time, the PCIe jammer will help you test even closer to your customer’s environments and also shorten test cycles.

PCIe Jammer Brochure

Reduce the validation time while maintaining test coverage

  • The PCIe Jammer is transparent to the system to save you setup time. Just insert into working system, and start testing.
  • GUI Sequencer driven error injection. No writing of code required.
  • Pre-defined automated “QuickTest” scripts for a jump start on your testing. Can even be integrated into your regression environment.

Reproduce difficult problems reliably and accurately to determine the root cause in real life setups

  • Inject errors into a real system with any OS and any driver and any application.
  • Tight integration between PCIe jammer® and Keysight´s E2960B analyzers for deep root cause analysis.
  • Ability to test for all categories of errors, including: correctable, uncorrectable – non fatal, uncorrectable - fatal.
  • Sequencer allows ability to inject errors conditionally, to give you the most flexibility in reproducing very specific events.


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