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N5309A Exerciser, Protocol Test Card 2.0 and Compliance Tests


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The N5309A hardware can be used for 3 different applications : exerciser & LTSSM test, PTC 2.0 and Compliance Package, with just a different software license installed.

PTC 2.0

The Keysight PTC 2.0 is used in the PCI-SIG gold suite for PCIe Gen2 protocol compliance testing. Protocol Test Card 2.0

Compliance Testing

For complete product assurance, a simple software upgrade on the same hardware takes you to the Compliance Assured Test Package (N5309A-COM), with an additional 180 PCI-SIG recommended tests.

Exerciser & LTSSM

With the change from PCIe 1.0 to 2.0, the Link Training and Status State Machine (LTSSM) has an even more important role, dealing with the change in speed, and change in link width. The exerciser comes with an automated suite of tests that validate the correct behavior of the LTSSM.

Also, the exerciser give you the ultimate flexibility in creating your own specific test cases. The exerciser is driven by a GUI interface, with the ability to create an packet type, and inject many types of errors to stress test your device.

PCI Express and PCIe are registered trademarks of PCI-SIG

  • 3 applications in 1 hardware: exerciser & LTSSM test, Compliance Package and PTC 2.0,
  • Controllable packet generation and error injection
  • Performance testing
  • Gold suite PTC 2.0 for PCIe® 2.0 protocol compliance testing
  • Over 180 additional tests in the compliance


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