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N5444A InfiniiMax III 2.92 mm/3.5 mm/SMA probe head


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N5444A Infiniimax III 2.92 mm/3.5 mm/SMA probe head provides 28 GHz bandwidth and allows you to connect two 2.92 mm, 3.5 mm or SMA cables to make a differential measurement on a single oscilloscope channel.

Order N5448A 2.92 mm head flex cables (10” or 25 cm long) to extend the cable length and add convenience. Compatible with all InfiniiMax III probe amplifiers.

The N5444A provides for a termination to a common DC voltage rather than to ground, which is required for many signal standards. It is implemented such that from DC to ~1kHz the termination is 55 ? to the termination voltage, and above ~10 kHz the termination is 50 ? to 0.9 times the termination voltage. The termination voltage range is ±4 V with a minimum step of 5 mV and a maximum current of 80 mA. The termination voltage can be controlled internally by the oscilloscope or applied externally using the supplied DC jack.


  • 28 GHz (typical)
  • Tr = 18.8 psec (10%-90%, probe only with N2803A)

Input Impedance

  • DC input resistance : 55 ? to Vterm
  • Input resistance> 10 kHz : 50 ? to 0.909 x Vterm

Input Voltage Range

  • Input voltage range : 2.5 Vrms
  • Input common mode range : ±12 V DC to 250 Hz, ±2.5 V >250 Hz (must not exceed max input voltage)


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