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N5417A Keysight USB OET (On-The-Go Electrical Test Fixture)


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The N5417A Keysight USB OET (On-The-Go Electrical Test Fixture) verifies USB On-The-Go specific electrical test points. When used in conjunction with the N5416A USB 2.0 automated test software, running on an Infiniium oscilloscope, automates the compliance testing for both full-speed and high-speed electrical compliance of USB OTG devices.

  • Compliance Software downloads
  • Automated through Infiniium oscilloscope running N5416A USB 2.0 automated test software or can be controlled manually through external software applet.
  • The USB-IF recognizes Infiniium as a recommended scope for use in compliance testing.
  • Included with the N5416A USB 2.0 automated test software are the USB-IF MATLAB
    scripts and wizard based test executive that not only simplifies and greatly speed up the measurements but provides extra information such as margin analysis.
  • Ordering Information: For USB OTG testing, order the N5417A USB OET, Infiniium oscilloscope (DSO/DSA90000A Series for high-speed or DSO8000 Series for full speed), N5416A test software as well as the E2649A for a complete set of six hi-speed test fixtures and power supply. For low/full speed testing order the Signal Quality inrush Droop/Drop (SQiDD) E2646A. For USB 2.0 hi-speed testing, a differential probe is required. Please order either the InfiniiMax 1131A 3.5 GHz, 1132A 5 GHz or 1134A 7 GHz probe amplifiers, along with the E2669A differential connectivity kit. The 34401A DMM and E3631A power supply are also needed for full automation of the OTG testing. See N5416A data sheet for complete ordering details.


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