N2838A InfiniiMax III 25 GHz PC board ZIF Tips


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The N2838A InfiniiMax III PC board ZIF tips are a set of 5 ZIF tips with plastic forks to aid in soldering the tips to your DUT. The tip utilizes a PC board substrate, making it a highly robust and conveniently usable probing solution.

  • Compatible with InfiniiMax III probe amp and N5439A ZIF head.
  • The 130 ohm axial resistors at the tip of the N2838A ZIF tip can be replaced when they are worn out or damaged.
  • The replacement axial resistor kit for the N2836A and N2838A is N2836-68701. Each resistor kit contains 10 resistors.
  • 25 GHz bandwidth (with InfiniiMax III N2803A amp and N5439A ZIF head)
  • Cdiff = 95 fF, Cse = 130 fF
  • 100k? input Rdiff (@ DC), 1k? input Rdiff (@ >10kHz)
  • 6:1 attenuation ratio, normal sensitivity
  • Variable spacing from 5 mil – 250 mil (or 0.127 mm – 6.35 mm)


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