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The PrecisionProbe Advanced Kit allows quick characterization of your entire probe system (including cables and switches) to 63 GHz bandwidth. The innovative N2806A Calibration Pulse Generator accelerates the fast “cal output” signal on the 90000 Q-Series, 90000 X-Series, and 90000A Series oscilloscopes to sub-7 ps rise times to properly characterize cables and probes to 63 GHz.

The software quickly (less than five minutes in most cases) and accurately characterizes the desired element in the system without adding more equipment.


  • Properly Creates Custom Probe Transfer Function =VOut / VIn
  • Properly Characterizes Probed System Transfer Function such that VOut / VInc = VOut / VSrc
  • Removes unwanted S21 Cable Loss

Now every probe and cable in the system can have the exact same response probe to probe or cable to cable, without the inaccuracies that using one model can produce. Custom probes can now be properly characterized and unwanted responses can be removed.

Not only does PrecisionProbe characterize the cables, it allows for immediate use on the same instrument. When combining PrecisionProbe with the 90000 Q-Series, 90000 X-Series, and 90000A Series oscilloscopes, one can characterize their measuring system and be using it within five minutes without adding more complicated, expensive equipment. PrecisionProbe saves time and money while increasing accuracy.

When combining Infiniimax probes with switches between the amplifier and the probe head, PrecisionProbe allows for full correction and automation of each probes path. Full automation is then available to allow for quick swapping of the inputs.

  • Characterizes and corrects for S21 insertion loss of cables, fixtures, and switches without the need of additional equipment such as a VNA or TDR
  • Measures and corrects probing frequency response for all probes connected to Infiniium oscilloscopes
  • Ensures every probe has the same frequency response and phase for consistent measurements across multiple probes
  • Share PrecisionProbe created characterization files (s2p or tf2) across multiple scopes and channels
  • Provides simple automation for loss removal of switches
  • Filtering done in hardware to ensure fast update rates using Infiniium Data Accelerator
  • Characterize probes and cables in five minutes or less
  • Characterize and remove insertion loss up to 63GHz
  • Kit includes N2806A Calibration Pulse Generator capable producing of sub-7 ps rise times


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