N1080B HDMI Test Point Access Adapters


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High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is being rapidly adopted for use on high definition entertainment products, including HD satellite receivers, players, flat panel televisions and computer monitors. Consumers benefit from much richer and higher quality images. Designers and manufacturers are challenged with increasing data rates and color depths, requiring more robust design and measurement tools.

Physical layer testing is quite extensive, both at high data rates and in low frequency power and control areas. To cover the wide range of testing, the Compliance Test Specification (latest is CTS 1.4) details each test set-up and methodology. These include:

  • Channel characteristics such as impedance, loss and crosstalk (Section 5)
  • Source characteristics such as skew, eye, impedance, jitter and voltages (Section 7)
  • Sink characteristics such as skew, impedance, jitter and voltages (Section 8)
  • HEAC Testing (HDMI 1.4 Section Supplement 2)

The Keysight N1080B HDMI test point access adapters are well suited for nearly every test within these four sections, providing the best rise time, excellent skew and the ability to connect into tight spaces. They are offered individually to allow the user to acquire the right combination and quantity for their test needs.

The Keysight N1080B HDMI test point access adapters come standard with a 1-year warranty.


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