B1507A Power Device Capacitance Analyzer


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With the increasing use of power devices fabricated from emerging new materials such as SiC and GaN, switching power supplies are operating at increasingly higher frequencies. This makes accurate device capacitance characterization more important than ever before. The B1507A Power Device Capacitance Analyzer meets this need, providing a complete solution for the evaluation of power device capacitance (such as input, output, and reverse transfer capacitances). The B1507A can help power device development engineers maximize product value and performance by revealing detailed device characteristics. It can also help power electronic circuit designers maximize their products’ value by helping them to select the optimal power devices for their applications. The B1507A’s intuitive GUI allows you to automatically measure all capacitances under a wide range of operating voltages.

In addition, it makes it easy to switch back and forth between leakage tests (to verify the device is not damaged) and capacitance measurements without having to do any recabling.

The B1507A can help identify substandard devices under actual circuit operating voltage biases (up to 3 kV). This is an ideal complement to conventional IV test equipment (such as curve tracers) that do not have either capacitance or leakage testing capabilities.
Moreover, the B1507A’s unique software interface allows to characterize devices without going through any formal training. Integrated switching circuitry within the test fixture supports fully-automated testing, with the ability to automatically make the correct connections for all types of capacitance measurements. This includes the insertion of DC blocking capacitors and AC blocking resistors as well as making the connections necessary for correct gate and drain/collector leakage measurements.

Finally, a unique plug-in style device test fixture socket adapter helps to eliminate cable connection and other human-related errors. Taken together, the B1507A’s capabilities revolutionize power device development and power electronics circuit design by both helping to maximize end product value and accelerating product development cycles.


  • Measure transistor input, output and reverse transfer capacitances (Ciss, Coss, Crss, Cies, Coes, Cres) at high bias voltages
  • Measure independent terminal capacitances (Cgs, Cgd, Cds, Cge, Cgc, Cce)
  • Measure capacitances for normally-on devices such as SiC JFET or GaN FET
  • Measure internal gate resistance (Rg)
  • Measure capacitance continuously as the gate voltage varies from negative to positive
  • Easy to switch back and forth between leakage tests and capacitance measurements
  • Wide operation voltage bias up to +/-3 kV
  • Easy to use and fully automated measurement


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