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The Keysight E4875A ParBERT 81250 software and measurement suite is a comprehensive, ready-to-use software package, which aids you with the verification and characterization of high-speed communication ports, components, chips and modules.

The software and measurement suite consists of following components:

  • Graphical User Interface
  • Measurement Suite
  • Software Tools (10 GbE Tool, SFI-5 Tool, SONET/SDH Frame Generator)
  • VXI Plug & Play Driver
  • Firmware Server - Remote controllable over LAN and GPIB

The easy-to-use Windows® 2000 / NT 4.0 based GUI allows to control the ParBERT 81250 hardware resources.

By utilizing the Firmware Server capabilities, ParBERT 81250 is remote controllable via LAN Windows or GPIB with Unix or Linux operating systems. Test executives can be setup using National Instruments' LabVIEW, Excel, Keysight TestExec, and Microsoft® VisualBasic.

For complete details, click on the 81250 Product Overview link.

Windows and Microsoft are U.S. registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

  • BER measurement: automatic re-synchronization, log file, view actual and accumulated BER and errors of 1s, 02, and total transferred at a glance
  • Fast Eye Mask measurement: Provide fast pass/fail testing for manufacturing test
  • Output Timing measurement: Provide results for setup & hold times, skew between channels, Jitter (RJ/DJ/TJ) and phase margin
  • Spectral decomposition of Jitter components: Allows inband and outband characterization of circuits and devices including PLLs and CDRs. While debugging designs, the new measurement allows the exploration of the various components of deterministic jitter.
  • Output Level measurement: Provide results for high/low levels, amplitudes, threshold margins and Q-factor analysis
  • Eye Opening measurement: Provide results for eye openings and optimum sample points


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