N1075A Optical Pick-Off / Converter


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Characterize and Debug Next-generation Transmitters

The Keysight N1075A Optical Pick-Off / Converter is a key part of the N1070A Optical Clock Data Recovery Solution which is used in combination with a Digital Communication Analyzer for high quality transceiver characterization.

Together with Keysight’s Infiniium 90000 X-Series Oscilloscopes the N1075A Optical Pick-Off / Converter can provide insight into live data streams.

It couples out a portion of the optical power converting to an electrical signal with the built-in o/e enabling debugging on the optical link.

Single-Mode (SM), MultiMode (MM) or both

N1075A Image 1N1075A Image 2

The N1075A optical coupler/converter is available in two versions. A dual single-mode/multimode version up to 14 Gb/s for a wide range of applications. A single-mode version up to 32 Gb/s offers enough headroom for forward error correction schemes of next generation network standards.

  • Dual single-mode / multimode solution to 14 Gb/s and for wide application range
  • Single-mode up to 32 Gb/s signals providing important headroom for forward error correction and proprietary rates


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