N1027A Oscilloscope Accessories for DCA family


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Описание - N1027A

N1027A is a collection of accessories for mainframes and modules in the 86100 family of Digital Communication Analyzers (DCAs). The accessories can be grouped into:

  • Kits including multiple parts for specific applications (e.g., N1027A-45A for the N1045A 60 GHz Electrical Remote Sampling Heads)
  • Individual components needed for measurements (e.g., N1027A-PT2/PT3 phase trimmers to adjust skew between electrical channels)
  • Items for protection and storage (e.g., N1027A-1MC storage case for mini-modules with remote heads)

Click “View Technical Overview” button at the top of this page for:

  • Help finding the correct adapters, interfaces and tools for the 86100 DCA family.
  • More information about connector savers, adapters, DC blocks, attenuators, cables, storage cases, covers, caps and more.
  • Pictures of many of the probes and accessories.


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