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The Keysight 81624B optical power heads provide the highest accuracy and are specially designed for low polarization dependence, low spectral ripple and high return loss.

The 8162xB family of optical power heads provide accurate power measurements with a large area detector in a remote head for flexible positioning. Functionality includes averaging time settings from 100 µs to 10 s, automatic power ranging, monitoring of minimum and maximum values and logging up to 20k samples. Fiber adapters are available for common connector types including MT ribbon fiber connectors and bare fiber clamps. (see www.Keysight.com/find/octaccessories) The D-shaped adapter type are held magnetically for quick adapter change. The heads also include a removable 81624DD adapter ring for use with the threaded type adapters. The heads are connected to the 816x mainframes using the 81618A single channel or 81619A dual-channel interface module.


  • Low relative uncertainty reduces the impact of connectorizing and fiber handling and leads to a robust test setup
  • The large area detector is less susceptible for connector misalignment and guarantees highly repeatable measurement results. Lower power per mm² makes the optical head more suitable for high power measurements and guarantees better linearity
 8162xB Product Comparison
  81623B  81623B-E01  81624B  81626B   81628B
 Sensor element Ge, Ø 5 mm Si, Ø 5 mm InGaAs, Ø 5 mm InGaAs, Ø 5 mm InGaAs
 Wavelength range 750 nm to 1800 nm 450 nm to 1020 nm 800 nm to 1700 nm 850 nm to 1650 nm 800 nm to 1700 nm
 Power range +10 dBm to –80 dBm +10 dBm to –90 dBm +10 dBm to –90 dBm +27 dBm to –70 dBm (1250nm – 1650nm)
+23 dBm to –70 dBm (850nm – 1650nm)
+40 dBm to –60 dBm (800nm – 1700nm)
 Relative uncertainty
-due to polarization
-spectral ripple
(due to interference)
< ± 0.01 dB
(typ. < ± 0.005 dB)
< ± 0.006 dB
(typ. < ± 0.003 dB)
  ≤ ± 0.005 dB
(typ. ± 0.002 dB)
≤ ± 0.005 dB
(typ < ± 0.002 dB)
≤ ± 0.005 dB
(typ. ± 0.002 dB)
≤ ± 0.005 dB
(typ. < ± 0.002 dB)
typ. ≤ ± 0.006 dB

Key Performance Specifications

Special Calibration Options

  • ±1.5% uncertainty with special calibration
  • ±0.8% uncertainty with PTB calibration


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