DSOXLAN LAN/VGA module for the InfiniiVision 2000 and 3000 X-Series Oscilloscope



Характеристики - DSOXLAN

Гарантия3 года

Описание - DSOXLAN

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LAN/VGA module gives you network connectivity and complete LXI class C support as well as the ability to connect to an external monitor. Operate your scope remotely from your PC using the web browser interface with the virtual front panel interface that looks and acts as the real front panel on the scope with the same associated keys and knobs. Oscilloscope are required.

  • Module plugs into rear-panel expansion slot
  • Combines 10/100Mbit LAN port with VGA out
  • LAN port is LXI class C compliant, enabling remote access, command, and printing
  • Compatible with VNC viewer for secure access
  • Web browser-based interface allows remote control -- ideal for accessing remote R&D and teaching labs.


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