N6460B MHL Source Compliance Test Software


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The MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) Source Compliance Test software validates MHL source designs as found in portable products such as cell phones and tablets as well as other consumer electronics. It is used in Simplay Labs authorized test centers as the final hurdle for product compliance. The software incorporates all the tests that are identified for physical layer testing in MHL CTS 1.x, 2.x and now for 3.2. These tests include: single-ended, differential, common mode, and source TMDS and eCBus validation. Also included are tests and calibrations to support MHL sink and source eCBus receiver validation. To access MHL signals, testpoint adapters are available from Wilder Technologies, and routing and control fixtures are available from Simplay Labs.

  • Complete MHL test support:
  • Full test suite support for MHL compliance testing for MHL 1, MHL 2 and MHL 3 standards
  • Standard Infiniium test framework for quick start and complete testing and characterization
  • Operates on lowest noise and jitter hardware platform in the industry
  • Full eCBUS source test suite and calibration for eCBus receive jitter and level sensitivity
  • Approved by Silicon Image/Simplay Labs


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