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N5467B Infiniium User-Defined Application (UDA)


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User defined application (UDA) is a fully customizable automated test application for your Infiniium oscilloscope. It provides full automation, including the ability to control other test and measurement devices. The development environment is free to download today, so you can begin to create your own UDAs. Simply download the software, install it on your desktop or scope, and begin developing the automated test packages you need.

User defined application provides a unique mix of flexibility (that compliance applications are unable to provide) and ease of use (that today’s other automation applications can’t match). User defined application was created by the Infiniium team to be run on an Infiniium oscilloscope. It has the look and feel of Infiniium’s world class compliance applications such as USB 3.0 and SATA 6G; only you control all the measurements of the application.

With one license you can run as many UDAs and Add-Ins as you want on your Infiniium oscilloscope. You have the flexibility of creating a wide variety of software packages, from a simple a frequency measurement to the most advanced and accurate jitter testing.

UDA adds a feature to automate and customize your multi-lane interface testing with available switch matrix (Keysight U3020AS26 and BitifEye BIT-2100 Series) or custom switch matrix. UDA switches the sig nal under test from a multi-lane interface so you do not have to be in front of the test setup to do this task manually. It also supports test plan feature, which iteratively runs through the different permutations of your device setup and tracks the results. It makes testing of multi-lane signals more efficient and saves you time.

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Frost & Sullivan Market Leader Award

Automation features

  • Automate any measurement that your Infiniium real-time oscilloscope makes
  • Automate and customize your multi-lane interface testing with available switch matrix (Keysight U3020AS26 and BitifEye BIT-2100 Series) or custom switch matrix
  • Automate custom tests (with configuration variables and connection prompts)

Compatibility features

  • Fully compatible with Infiniium’s EZJIT+ (N5400A), InfiniiSim (N5465A), InfiniiScan (N5414B for 90000 Series and N5415B for 9000 Series) ,and User Defined Function (N5430A) options, and the MathWorks MATLAB
  • Compatible with Infiniium Series oscilloscopes
  • Download the UDA Development Environment, compatible with Windows ® XP or later, on the Software Trials and Licenses Tab
  • Find or share user-defined applications at www.keysight.com/find/share_uda

Control features

  • Control any SCPI-Compliant test and measurement equipment
  • Use Infiniium's remote programming interface (RPI) software to control UDA
  • Control external instrument controllers (pattern generator, probe switch, temperature chamber, etc.)

Extensibility features

  • Develop “Add-In” extensions that can be plugged into existing compliance applications, including USB, PCIe ®, DDR, SATA, HDMI, MIPI, Ethernet and others.
  • Execute pre/post processing scripts (MATLAB, LabView, Python, C++, Visual Basic, etc.)
  • Operate device under test controllers (to transmit specific test pattern, change test mode, etc.)
  • Manage overall test plan for full validation and characterization of your designs


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