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DSOX6USBFL Low- and Full-speed USB 2.0 Trigger/Analysis for the InfiniiVision 6000 X-Series



Характеристики - DSOX6USBFL

Гарантия3 года

Описание - DSOX6USBFL

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Keysight's DSOX6USBFL measurement option offers integrated low- and full-speed USB 2.0 serial bus triggering and hardware-based decoding. This option will help you more efficiently debug and characterize your USB physical layer network by having the ability to trigger on and time-correlate your physical layer signals with serial protocol. And with Keysight's unique hardware-based decoding, you get the fastest waveform and decode update rates available, which enhances the scope's ability to detect errors quickly.

Keysight's InfiniiVision 6000 X-Series oscilloscopes can decode two serial buses simultaneously and also display the captured and decoded data in a time-interleaved “Lister” display. Use the automatic Search & Navigation capability to easily set up specific search criteria and then quickly navigate to “found and marked” packets using the scope's touch-screen navigation controls.

The DSOX6USBFL low- and full-speed USB 2.0 trigger and decode option is compatible on all 2- and 4-channel models of the 6000 X-Series oscilloscopes (DSOs and MSOs).

Frost & Sullivan Market Leader Award

  • Fastest throughput oscilloscope solution for triggering on and analyzing low-/full-speed USB 2.0 serial buses using a hardware-based decoding architecture that detects errors more quickly
  • Trigger on various USB packet types including token, data, handshake, special, as well various error conditions including PID, CRC, and glitch errors
  • Dual-bus decoding with time-interleaved protocol lister display
  • Serial decode trace time-correlated with USB waveforms
  • Compatible with segmented memory acquisition with decoding on every captured packet
  • Precision differential probes available


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