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The N5411B SATA Compliance Test Software for Infiniium oscilloscopes provides you with a fast and easy way to validate and debug your SATA 1.5Gb/s (Gen 1), 3.0Gb/s (Gen2) and 6.0Gb/s (Gen3) silicon, host bus adapter, port multiplier, high-density disk drive, solid-state disk drive or optical disk drive. The N5411B software provides automated compliance test support for the i (internal), m(eSATA) and x(SAS attachment) interfaces points, and displays the results in a flexible report format. In addition to the measurement data, the report provides a margin analysis that shows how closely your device passed or failed each test.

To make measurements with the N5411B SATA compliance test software, you will need test fixture to access signal at the SATA connector. Wilder Technologies' SATA Gen3 test fixtures are recommended and the product information is available at http://www.wilder-tech.com/sata.htm. The ICT-Lanto TF-1R31 and TF-2R11 fixtures are also recommended and the product information is available at http://www.ict-lanto.com.

The 81134A pattern generator or N4903B J-BERT with Option 002 can be configured and used for automated SATA transmitter signal quality and out-of-band (OOB) signal testing. EZJIT Plus Jitter Analysis Software and High-Speed Serial Data Analysis Software will be required to enable N5411B SATA 6Gb/s Compliance Software on the scope.

Accuracy, simplicity and speed

  • Setup and measurement wizard with guided connection diagrams
  • Intelligent test filtering specific to interface selection
  • Automated compliance and margin testing to the specification limits
  • Comprehensive HTML report with visual documentation and pass/fail results

Standards supported

  • SATA Revision 2.6 and 3.0
  • Complete set of SATA physical layer transmitter tests
  • 1.5Gb/s, 3.0Gb/s and 6.0Gb/s data rates

Recommended Test Fixtures

  • Wilder Technologies SATA Gen3 Plug Adapter
  • Wilder Technologies SATA Gen3 Receptacle Adapter
  • ICT-Lanto TF-1R31 or TF-2R11 Test Fixtures


  • Use the N5467A User Defined Application tool (www.Keysight.com/find/uda) to:
  • Create and fully integrate custom tests, configuration variables and connection instructions.
  • Insert external application calls into the run sequence, such as MATLAB scripts or your device controller.
  • Configure additional external instruments used in your test suite.


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