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E5001A SSA-J Precision Clock Jitter Analysis Software


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To meet the demanding needs of today's advanced digital communication systems, Keysight offers Precision Clock Jitter Analysis software (E5001A SSA-J) for more precise and accurate characterization and evaluation of clock-signal jitter.

Running on Keysight's E5052A/B Signal Source Analyzer, SSA-J Software enhances your ability to separate RJ and PJ from total jitter (TJ) by combining time-domain waveform measurement techniques and frequency-domain phase-noise measurement techniques --providing remarkably ultra-low jitter measurement capabilities for both random jitter (RJ) and periodic jitter (PJ).

View: E5052A/B signal source analyzer product page for online demo, brochure, and more...

  • Ultra-low RJ measurement with femto-second resolution
  • Real-time jitter spectrum analysis on both RJ and PJ
  • Time-domain measurements on jitter trend, histogram, and RJ/PJ separation of clock signals


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