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1CN003A Handle Kit 177.0mm H (4U) - Two Front Handles


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Описание - 1CN003A

Handle kit 177.0mm H (4U) - two front handles. This product can serve as a direct replacement for part 5063-9228. This product includes 2 handles, 2 trim strips, metric fasteners.

Order a front handle kit when your instrument does not come with preinstalled handles. Check to make sure your instrument requires handles, as many instruments are supplied with previously installed handles.

Robust handles for lifting and maneuvering designed to securely attach to Keysight products.

  • Factory-designed to specifically fit Keysight instrument frames and chassis hardware
  • Robust handles useful to lift or maneuver your Keysight asset
  • Versions available for most Keysight products
  • All required mounting hardware included under a single order number
  • Cross-reference maps existing product accessory options to corresponding new handles accessory products

Ordering a handles accessory was never easier. New handles products covering over 200 Keysight products are easy to identify and quickly delivered through distributors or direct sales.

  • Designed to specifically mate with Keysight product frames, there are no significant competitors for these accessories
  • Hardware accessories targeted for customers wishing to apply handles to Keysight products
  • Handles assist in lifting Keysight products or maneuvering them on the bench top 


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