AC68ALGU User-Installable Analog Interface Board for AC6800 Series AC Sources


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Analog interface board (Option AC68ALGU available soon) allows you to control the output with external analog signals in two modes:

  • The voltage of the output AC waveform (sine wave) varies according to the input DC signal (EXT-AC mode).
  • The input waveform is amplified and output (EXT-DC mode).

Option Details

  • Option available for the following models: AC6801A, AC6802A, AC6803A, AC6804A
  • Order as: AC68ALGU
  • Upgrade contents: Analog board
  • Adjustments required: No
  • Additional requirements: No
  • Installed by, estimated installation time: Customer, 3 minutes

Note: Only one slot available for either AC68ALGU or AC68GPBU


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