N4391A Анализатор оптической модуляции


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The Optical Modulation Analyzer offers comprehensive characterization of amplitude and phase modulated optical signals for 400 Gb/s to 1 Tb/s transmission systems and advanced research for terabit transmission.

The Optical Modulation Analyzer provides:


  • Highest confidence in test results through specified and easily verifiable system performance
  • Most sophisticated preprocessing algorithms with highest flexibility through novel polarization alignment and Kalman filter based phase tracking technology
  • Debug the most challenging errors with tools, proven by thousands of RF engineers


  • Available as stand alone software package (starting July 1st) (NEW !)
  • Generic APSK and PSK decoder (NEW !)
  • Modification of calibration data for IQ hybrid test (NEW !)
  • Color coded and digital persistence display tools (NEW!)
  • User configurable ODFM decoder (NEW!)
  • Easy to use SCPI based remote control (NEW!)
  • Up to 20 free configurable displays (NEW!)
  • CD, PMD measurement and compensation
  • Integration of your Matlab compiler in data processing flow
  • Light version fully supporting 100G @ 32Gbaud
  • Support of triggered loop measurements
  • User selectable loop gain of phase and polarization tracking
  • Polarization alignment algorithm independent of modulation format
  • Optical constellation diagram
  • Optical spectrum analysis
  • Error vector magnitude analysis tools
  • Real counting BER
  • Choice of more than 30 modulation formats


 Default screen with smart set up dialog

  • Up to 33 GHz true analog bandwidth
  • Up to 60 Gbaud symbol rate
  • Up to 240 Gbit/s analysis capability for DP-(D)QPSK
  • Analysis span up to 62.5 GHz
  • Optical analysis wavelength range 1528 nm to 1630 nm
  • Specified typical system noise floor 1.8% rms EVM


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