N4376D 26.5 GHz Multimode 850nm Lightwave Component Analyzer


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The new N4376D Multimode LCA is based on the latest 5222A series Network analyzers with 2-port or 4-port configuration.  This LCA is the ideal measurement solution for electro-optical components up 26.5 GHz electro-optical components, as well as Radio over Fiber (RoF) and aerospace and defense (A&D) electro-optical test applications.

The N4376D is traceable to international standards and provides guaranteed specifications for electro-optical responsively S-parameter measurements in a turn-key solution. In combination with N4691B electronic calibration kit you get fastest setup of your test, so you can focus on developing your components.


  • Traceable multimode S21 characterization right at 850nm target wavelength leads to repeatable test results.
  • IEEE 802.3ae compatible launched power distribution ensures application realistic test results.
  • Fast and accurate calibration with electrical calibration module, no need for additional optical calibration.
  • 50um fibre and 62.5um fibre components support.
  • Built in average power meter.
  • User selectable optical transmitter output power helps to adapt to target test conditions
  • SCPI remote control

Absolute frequency response accuracy

  • ±2.0 dBe at 20 GHz (typical)

Relative frequency response accuracy

  • ±1.5 dBe at 20 GHz
  • ±1.0 dBe at 20GHz (typical)

Noise floor

  • < -69 dB (W/A) for E/O measurements
  • < -68 dB (A/W) for O/E measurements

Optical wavelength

  • (850 ± 10) nm
  • 1060 nm and other wavelength call factory


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