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N4150A and N4151A Photonic Foundation Library


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Описание - N4150A

Keysight's Photonic Foundation Library (PFL) is a comprehensive collection of measurement and analysis functions for the test of passive optical components. These functions can be used in customized programs via either the API or VXIPnP interface. A simple-to-use graphical interface program for IL and PDL measurements is also included for getting initial results quickly and checking the performance of the customized software.

The Photonic Foundation Library provides enhanced performance and accuracy from the Keysight 816x Lightwave Measurement products, particularly combinations of a tunable laser, one or more power meters and optionally the 8169A Polarization Controller.

Now with Version 1.2.1, the new generation of multiport power meters is also supported, as are the 81940A and 81980A compact tunable laser modules. These new products allow setups with higher measurement speeds and smaller footprint.

The N4150A provides a license for operation on a single PC platform, while N4151A provides a server license for a selectable number of client PC controllers.

Use this link to download a fully functional installation for a free 60-day evaluation and for free updating of an existing PFL installation. Evaluation version for N4150A

  • Advanced program functions simplify and enhance spectral measurements of insertion loss and polarization dependent loss
  • Analysis functions for easy determination of component parameters like wavelength, bandwidth, and channel isolation
  • Simplifies measurement of PDL using the Mueller Matrix method using the 8169A Polarization Controller, together with a tunable laser and 1 or more power meters
  • Advanced filtering models deliver undistorted spectra at high sweep speed and high dynamic range, using built-in tunable laser wavelength monitoring
  • Easy wavelength calibration with gas cells for highest wavelength accuracy
  • New Version 1.2.1 supports N7744A and N7745A multiport power meters for fastest measurements


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