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11974V Preselected Millimeter Mixer, 50 to 75 GHz


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The Keysight 11974V mixer is preselected from 50 to 75 GHz to eliminate the need for signal identification. Preselection reduces mixer overload from broadband signals and reduces the interaction of local oscillator harmonics with the device under test.

Keysight 11974 Series preselected millimeter mixers extend the frequency range of the Keysight E4440A/46A/48A PSA Series high-peformance spectrum analyzers, the Keysight E4407B ESA-E Series portable spectrum analyzer, Keysight 8560 E-Series portable spectrum analyzers, the Keysight 8566B spectrum analyzer, and the Keysight 70000 series modular spectrum analyzers.

The 11974V is not compatible with the N9030A PXA signal analyzer.

  • Preselection eliminates the need for signal identification and improves dynamic range
  • Supplied with calibration data
  • No bias required
  • +25 dBm safe input level
  • Optional input isolator improves amplitude accuracy


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