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The Keysight Technologies 85071E Materials Measurement software streamlines the process of measuring complex permittivity and permeability with an Keysight Network Analyzer. The easy-to-use software guides the user through setup and measurement, instantly converting S-parameter network analyzer data into the data format of your choice and displaying the results within seconds.

Resonant Cavity option offers the highest loss tangent accuracy and resolution. Perfect for low loss printed circuit board and packaging materials.

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  • Software automates complex permittivity and permeability measurements.
  • Results can be charted in a variety of formats: er´, er", tan delta, ur´, ur", tan um, and Cole-Cole.
  • Data is easily shared with other Windows based programs or through the user programmable Component Object Model (COM) interface.
  • A variety of measurement methods and mathematical models are provided to meet most application needs.


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